OPD (Out Patient Department)

OPD is the facility where patients can visit for specific treatment daily and remain for certain time. The session varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This facility is especially designed for patients who don’t have serious problems.

IPD (In Patient Department)

IPD is the facility where patients are admitted for treatment and rest with medical observation. This facility is designed for patients with severe and serious conditions, who need continuous medical observation and frequent treatment in a day.


Historically, the word SPA used to only cover health through water and the term stood for Salus Per Aquam. In present context SPA is the place where body, mind and spirit is balanced by the five senses satisfaction to maintain the balance between five elements. SPA is designed for promotive and preventive aspects of health, where individuals can visit to rejuvenate, destress and detoxify themselves. Healthy individuals can also visit the SPA to get optimum level of health and wellbeing.